There's an easier way to plan your big day with confidence while simplifying the wedding planning process that prioritizes peace of mind.

...and getting every Big Day Decision done & planned in as little as 90 days.

Introducing the SET TO WED PLAYBOOKthe only program you need to plan your entire stress-free and significant wedding that leaves guests happy and creates lasting memories for months and years on end.

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For the optimistic realist couple who wants to plan their own wedding from start to finish in the simplest way possible, without the need for a full-service wedding planner.

Your entire wedding planning roadmap of 95% Savings!

Now that you're engaged, you know it's time to plan your wedding, but you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed.


You want to plan your wedding yourselves, but you feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do next after setting the date and looking for venues.

You start searching endlessly on Google with the keywords "how to plan your wedding", to find that you're bombarded with so much information leaving you feeling lost and not knowing which checklists to follow

You want your wedding to go smoothly but you're worried that you might be missing important details on the day of with no control over everything since you’re the one getting married.

You're struggling to work out an accurate wedding budget so that you don't go into wedding debt while still memorable enough that leaves guests with a smile on their face from enjoyment.




 You find yourself thinking...


"Can I really do this without it becoming like a second full-time job?"

"Should I hire some help to help me plan my entire wedding?"

"Is it even possible to plan my entire wedding without sacrificing my sanity in the process?"

Your method isn't working and something needs to give!

Planning a wedding is an undertaking. But one that doesn’t have to make you feel more confused trying to figure everything out alone to leave you feeling drained and doubtful this can actually work without a hitch.

There's an easier way to plan your wedding in a way that actually prioritizes simplicity and fun while still getting everything you need done...

I've developed a complete program providing you with my professional expertise, a plan of action,

and plug-and-play tools to plan your entire wedding from start to finish.

Getting married to the love of your life is one of the biggest milestones to-date. You want to do it right.



The Set To Wed Playbook teaches you the specific steps to plan your wedding. Whether you have a short or long engagement, the process to plan a wedding is the same! As the Big Day Decision Maker, you can experience…


Creating a fun and memorable wedding that you and your guests enjoy

Becoming the clear decision-maker you need to be during this process shortcuts any doubt or second-guessing that might come up.

Learning the B.A.K.E method to easily plan your wedding from start to finish.

Utilizing easy-to-use custom planning tools so that you are saving hours of your planning time without having to find and create your own (no one has time for that).

Identifying the exact breakdown of costs for each vendor category based on your wedding budget, so that you know what the market rate is along with the clear way to vet any vendor

Building your wedding day timeline with our tips and tricks to ensure a smooth wedding

Build your wedding documents with our plug-and-play templates to assist your vendors and day-of coordinator 

Adjusting your wedding details when getting in during a pandemic with our Wedding COVID guidelines

Wedding planning doesn't have to be so headache-inducing. You just haven't found the right method for the type of couple you two are until now. 

The Set To Wed Playbook is a 90 day program that teaches you exactly how to plan your own wedding from start to finish without stress.


EVEN IF you haven’t gotten past setting the date.

EVEN IF you have never planned an event before.

EVEN IF you have struggled to try to figure this out on your own or identify as an overthinker.

EVEN IF you have friends or family sharing THEIR experience with you to guide you through.



... and A LOT of hand holding along the way. 


Let me ask you a question...

Does the thought of doing this on your own scare you?

It’s okay, it should.

Not because it actually is scary, but because the average couple trying to DIY their wedding spends over 250 hours on their wedding planning.

So it makes total sense why you might be a little shaky along with watching friends and family who struggled during their big day planning process. But what those couples didn’t have is a method that helped cut those hours by at least HALF.

The steps I teach in the Set To Wed Playbook helps you plan your own wedding WITHOUT sacrificing time, money or your sanity.  


If you are...


... TIRED of listening to everyone's input on how you should plan your wedding

...ENDURING sleepless nights spent wondering about how much MORE research you need to do

... and LONGING to plan your wedding with confidence and EASE


 ... then the Set To Wed Playbook is perfect for you.

Here's what past clients are saying about my wedding planning services...


...through my experience, I’ve gone through and I’ve seen the struggles that couples undergo to execute their wedding. I know their pain points, their roadblocks, and I know the process to overcome it. And I'm now putting this knowledge in your hands.



You are committed to making your special day exactly how you want it. Taking on the guided work, and trusting the process.

You want to save money in comparison to hiring a full wedding planning service

You want to leverage your time and budget on a proven method to plan your wedding from start to finish without missing any details or leaving you more confused than clear.

You're decisive, dedicated, and ready to take action NOW knowing the longer you wait, the more the decisions and tasks will pile up.


You have all the money in the world and can hire a full wedding planner

You have a large budget to spend on your wedding and can hire out for help

You're not willing to do the work

You're not willing to approach our community with openness and coachability

We're 100% committed to help you plan your entire wedding.


The Set To Wed Playbook is an all-in-one approach where you'll learn:

How to CREATE a fun and memorable wedding that you and your guests enjoy

How to OVERCOME the stress and making the planning process easier

How to BUILD your wedding plans using my signature framework - the B.A.K.E method   

How to SAVE TIME using plug-and-play spreadsheets, checklists and templates

How to IDENTIFY your cost breakdown for each vendor category based on your wedding budget


How to SOURCE your vendors with our recommendations and list of interview questions to find the right fit for your wedding

How to CREATE your wedding documents with our templates to assist your vendors and day-of coordinator for a smooth wedding

How to ADJUST and ADAPT your wedding details when getting married during a pandemic with our Wedding COVID guideline

How to FIND your day-of coordinator so that your wedding goes off without a hitch

Time for some #realtalk

Just because you think you have a handle on planning your own wedding DOESN'T mean you'll account for everything, and "trying to figure it out" on your own is NOT a strategy.

You have a vision but can't execute it.

You're not enjoying the wedding planning process.

You fear that everything you've planned is not going to run smoothly on the day of

You're spending hours online researching the next step to do to plan your wedding.

There is a reason why couples are signing up because they TRIED to figure it out on their own and FAILED. They suffer through the overwhelm and spin their wheels because they didn't have a step by step system to follow.


You have two choices...


Keep wasting time and effort "trying to figure it out" on your own.

Leading to that 250-hour estimate, nights spent tossing and turning wishing the process could be simpler. And sacrificing your evenings or weekends to plan rather than enjoying your engagement and time with your partner.


Save time and effort with the exact steps that have worked for my past clients and enjoy the wedding planning experience.

Creating an experience of simplicity in this process is BETTER than you could have ever imagined.

Your partner is thankful you found this program so they don’t have to watch you stress over all the details or have to watch them become stressed alongside you.

Your big day goes off without a hitch filling the wedding albums with genuine happiness behind your eyes and in your smile with guests coming up to you raving about the wonderful time they had.

The Set To Wed Playbook includes proven strategies that have helped many engaged couples plan their own wedding with ease and enjoy the process.



Note: There is no wrong decision, this is your special day and you get to have it however you like.

But this is a matter of deciding what you want the next few months to look and feel like and the end result you want to have from now all the way to the end of the wedding day.

Here’s what’s inside the Set To Wed Playbook:


Let's dive into exactly what you get when you get your hands on the playbook



We are continuously working with trusted wedding vendors in the industry to provide you discounts so that you will save even more money.


We recognize that you invested in the Set To Wed Program to plan your dream wedding. We want to reward you for taking that leap and believing in yourself.

As a Set To Wed Playbook Member, you get additional perks, benefits, discounts and rewards


Join your new tribe of engaged friends and share daily conversations with questions during the planning process about your wedding ideas, inspiration, goal setting, membership updates, and so much more.


Now let's talk about the VIP BONUS(ES)!

Yes I said multiple! When you become a founding member, you not only save 95% off when planning your own wedding, but you also get 5 x 1:1 Calls with a professional wedding planner valued at over $750!

And that’s not all... You also get me doing DONE FOR YOU VENDOR SEARCH! Yep, I’ll do the heavy lifting and I give you the list I create for you for free in your location making your to-do cut by 3 hours of researching! (Valued at $1000)

When you add all of that up, it comes out to a value of over $8,320 but you can take advantage today and SAVE OVER 95%!


Here's MORE of what past clients are saying about my wedding planning services...


...through my experience, I’ve gone through and I’ve seen the struggles that couples undergo to execute their wedding. I know their pain points, their roadblocks, and I know the process to overcome it. And I'm now putting this knowledge in your hands.



$ 497


  • Access to $8,320 worth in an action plan, professional expertise, checklists and coaching calls but for only $497 (Over 600% savings) 
  • Modular step-by-step program providing a clear action plan to planning your dream wedding
  • Member's Only Perks
  • Members Only Set to Wed Community with a network of other engaged couples
  • Bonus: Done For You Vendor recommendations in each category to jumpstart your vendor search
  • Bonus: Plug & Play spreadsheets, checklists and templates to keep you on track and organized
  • Bonus: Access to 5 x 1:1 Coaching Calls to support you in your wedding planning journey
  • Bonus: Instantly Save Over 95% compared to hiring a full wedding planner
  • Works out to $41.41/month for a 12-month engagement / planning period










$ 1997**


You get everything that Set To Wed Playbook has to offer, plus everything in the Day-Of Coordination service mentioned below:

  • Complimentary consultation session to gather details about your wedding day
  • 4 in-person consultation sessions (if needed, maximum once per week) 4-6 weeks leading up to the wedding day to discuss all plans and details
  • Unlimited phone/email communication prior to the wedding day within business hours
  • Customized and detailed Wedding Day itinerary and documents
  • Vendor confirmation the month prior to the wedding
  • Review and finalize details/tasks to be completed between venue and vendors
  • On-site management and coordination including being the main contact liaison for all vendors, family, guests, etc.
  • Supervision of wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception set up
  • One assistant with no extra charge, if needed
  • Full Access to our emergency wedding kit
  • Saving you over 50% if you were to hire a full wedding planner

Payment plan available for this bundle
*Day-of coordination is only valid for Ontario couples
**Does not include travel fee, parking fee, accommodations, etc. (if applicable)


Planning your wedding with a structured plan couldn’t be easier. So, if you've made it this far, it’s time to finally decide...

Is it worth passing up if you are consistently struggling with:

  • Trying to figure out what goes into wedding planning and the details you need to secure
  • Never knowing all the moving parts when planning your wedding
  • Researching endlessly on Google trying to figure out how to get it all done without missing any crucial details
  • Frequently feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • Bringing your vision to life
  • Simply failing to make your wedding planning journey enjoyable

I don’t want you to let another day, week, or month go by before you start realizing your wedding is just months away.

I’ve made it super easy, affordable, and fun to solve many of your biggest wedding planning problems!

It’s time to solve them and get inside the Set To Wed Playbook today…

I want you to show up and be able to plan your dream wedding with confidence and be proud of yourself for making this commitment today.



Set To Wed Playbook was founded by Karin Wu & Co. with one vision: To empower engaged couples to plan their wedding with confidence and clarity without the overwhelm.

The painful truth is that once you're engaged, there is an abundance of information online with so many checklists and resources to go by, making you more overwhelmed than you need to be, and leading you to not knowing where to begin.

It’s my mission to obsessively make it easy and fun for engaged couples to enjoy the planning process and knowing the exact action plan without the hours of work and stress.

I've planned many successful weddings for engaged couples, providing the in-depth knowledge I've learned in the wedding industry so you can breathe a little easier and feel a lot more confident in your planning decisions. Know you’re staying true to your wedding vision and save a lot of time because you’ve got Set To Wed Playbook by your side.

Commit to your partner the big day vision you two have.

Follow the system.

Do the work from a confident and clear headspace.

get results.


I am confident that you if you complete the program and implement what you learn, you WILL get results. 

If you DO THE WORK, but are not satisfied, please email [email protected] so I can help you further.

So, if you want to enroll just to take a look around... don't bother.

This program is ONLY for those who are committed to giving their best shot to plan their own wedding.


The only tool you need to plan your entire wedding

The most comprehensive program with the exact roadmap and tools built to empower engaged couples to plan their own wedding with confidence and clarity, without the overwhelm and stress.


Note from Karin:


It’s natural to worry or overthink. Many of my clients choose to hire me to take the worry out for them so they can just show up for the wedding. But you have chosen a different path.

You should be able to feel as sure as you are about your soon-to-be life partner as you are about every big (and little) decision for your special day. The difference is you can choose the path of stress-ridden and hustling like you usually do at your day job where you frantically get everything done minutes or hours before it needs to be done. Similar to having 5 tabs up of different wedding checklists cross referencing to make sure you’re not missing something.

OR you could have a path parallel to where you don’t just get ahead becomes a simple experience of watching a video, plugin in your answers. Deleting all the extra tabs with peace of mind that you have everything you need in front of you. And letting that be it. 

To experience relief around your wedding most couple don’t know because they didn’t have a clear framework of the second path to take them there. Just because people have experienced headaches and fatigue doesn’t mean you have to, or have to do it alone. I got you, this program has you and the women inside on the same journey as you got you.

Let that sink in and I hope to see you in the one that makes your life easier, not more stressful.