A Wedding Budget Tool for engaged couples who want to budget like a pro



Does this sound like you?


You feel uneasy when thinking about how much weddings cost

You struggle with figuring out how much to save for your wedding, between you and your partner 

You are afraid to go over your wedding budget

You are constantly battling the magic number on how much your wedding budget should be

You find it confusing as to how much money you need to allocate for each vendor category

You find yourself estimating costs but not sure if it's realistic


The ONLY tool you need to calculate and manage your wedding budget

Plug + Play

We've done the hard work by making our tool super easy to use. Plug in your inputs and it generates a breakdown that's easy to understand. Great for handling your monthly budgets too, even after your wedding!


Providing you with clarity on your total wedding budget and exactly how much to allocate for each vendor category. This will help set the foundation for your wedding and when you start hiring your vendors.

Video Walkthrough

We don't just provide you with the tool, we also walk you through step-by-step with a video tutorial so it's a no brainer. I've included a PDF of what might a typical wedding budget would look like, using our wedding budget tool.


I've been planning five star weddings for over 5 years and have over 9 years of planning experience and executing projects. I've become a wedding planning coach, and I'm ready to spill all of my tips and insider secrets to help you plan yours!

My mission is to empower engaged couples, providing them the tools and resources so that they have the confidence to plan their own wedding without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

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Our Wedding Budget Tool...


...is the first of its kind that provides a structured spreadsheet that saves you time in creating it yourself. it's also easy-to-use to account for every cent that goes towards your wedding budget.

Now you probably already know how important it is to have an accurate wedding budget, but you may not know all the fantastic features you get with our wedding budget tool. I'm talking:

  • A plug and play wedding budget tool that is super affordable
  • A great exercise with your partner to determine a realistic amount to put away for your wedding each month
  • A complete breakdown of how much you should allocate for each vendor category based on your total wedding budget, saving you the headache and calculations
  • Pre-formulated tabs taking away the guess work
  • A tool that will you track your wedding budget when securing all details and vendors for your wedding day so you know if you're under/over budget


And that's only the beginning. You also get:

  • The most accurate wedding budget GUARANTEED. That is because of all the goodness you get from our wedding budget tool
  • A step-by-step video tutorial walking you through each tab so that it's easy to understand
  • A PDF that shows an example of an average wedding budget using our tool so that you can use for reference
  • Planning your budget for other areas in your life, even after your wedding
  • Access to support within 24 hours via email

What my client had to say...

"My husband and I were on a fairly tight budget and Karin made our vision for our wedding day a reality, delivering a champagne wedding on a beer budget. We could not have been more happy!"

- Leigh-Anne & Marvin

I've made it super easy and affordable to solve your wedding budget headaches

I want you to have a proper wedding budget, so that you can plan your wedding without any financial constraints - for only $57!


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